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Overview and tips on using the ZAP IN's Dashboard view. A real-time control center of your visitor traffic - at your fingertips!

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To get the most of ZAP IN - this is a quick view on how to navigate the Dashboard.  The Dashboard is a centralized, real-time view of all your visitor traffic. 

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1. Profile : Access your account information - billing, sub-accounts management, SLACK integration, visitor record deletion history

2. Dashboard  / Workbench : The DISPLAY icon brings you to the main DASHBOARD. The GEAR icon brings you to your WORKBENCH where feature settings and configuration menus are located.

3. Building Selector Panel : Highlight a building name to display corresponding visitor traffic on the DASHBOARD or to make changes to your feature setting from your WORKBENCH.

4. Date Selector : select a date range to display corresponding visitor traffic results on your DASHBOARD. Week - Sunday to Saturday, Month - 1st day to month-to-date, Year - January 1 to year-to-date, Range - enter custom date range. Note that the display will be in the timezone of the building, not necessarily your local timezone. In "All" buildings mode, the timezone will be the timezone of the buildings if they are all in the same timezone, or your local timezone if not.

5. Counters : hover your cursor over the counters to display the corresponding visitor record of the same status. eg: select "on-premise" will only display visitor records that have NOT signed out.

6. Emergency Activation Button : When Emergency Mode is enabled, this button will display here on the DASHBOARD. Click on button to activate a drill or actual emergency. From the iPad - tap anywhere on the Welcome Screen five times (5x) slowly to activate the emergency.

7. Find : this is a search field that searches the DASHBOARD table. Use to find corresponding name or visitor information from the day's visitor activity.

8. Download Table information: Select either PDF or CSV to download the information found on your DASHBOARD table in the respective formats. Detailed reports can be created from your Reports Menu.

9. Visitor Record : Click on any of the visitor records to pop-up an expanded view of the visitor information that you have collected from signing in.

10. Visitor Status : visitor type icons displayed in this column display sign-in status - red for on-premises, greyed out for signed out (off-premises)

11. Message Support: To contact a live ZAP IN Support Agent, please click on this button to activate a direct chat session. Please note: support hours are North American's Easter Standard time (EST) 8:30 - 17:00 Monday through Friday.

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