To get the most of ZAP IN - this is a quick view on how to navigate the Dashboard.  The Dashboard is a centralized, real-time view of all your visitor traffic. 

best visitor management system dashboard

1. Profile : Access your account information - billing, sub-accounts management, SLACK integration, visitor record deletion history

2. Dashboard  / Workbench : The DISPLAY icon brings you to the main DASHBOARD. The GEAR icon brings you to your WORKBENCH where feature settings and configuration menus are located.

3. Building Selector Panel : Highlight a building name to display corresponding visitor traffic on the DASHBOARD or to make changes to your feature setting from your WORKBENCH.

4. Date Selector : select a date range to display corresponding visitor traffic results on your DASHBOARD. Please note: Week - Sunday to Saturday, Month - 1st day to month-to-date, Year - January 1 to year-to-date, Range - enter custom date range

5. Counters : hover your cursor over the counters to display the corresponding visitor record of the same status. eg: select "on-premise" will only display visitor records that have NOT signed out.

6. Emergency Activation Button : When Emergency Mode is enabled, this button will display here on the DASHBOARD. Click on button to activate a drill or actual emergency. From the iPad - tap anywhere on the Welcome Screen five times (5x) slowly to activate the emergency.

7. Find : this is a search field that searches the DASHBOARD table. Use to find corresponding name or visitor information from the day's visitor activity.

8. Download Table information: Select either PDF or CSV to download the information found on your DASHBOARD table in the respective formats. Detailed reports can be created from your Reports Menu.

9. Visitor Record : Click on any of the visitor records to pop-up an expanded view of the visitor information that you have collected from signing in.

10. Visitor Status : visitor type icons displayed in this column display sign-in status - red for on-premises, greyed out for signed out (off-premises)

11. Message Support: To contact a live ZAP IN Support Agent, please click on this button to activate a direct chat session. Please note: support hours are North American's Easter Standard time (EST) 8:30 - 17:00 Monday through Friday.

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