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Pricing and payment options for ZAP IN
Pricing and payment options for ZAP IN

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The pricing structure for ZAP IN operates on either a monthly or annual basis for each active iPad license.

Step 1: Subscriptions

We have two subscription plans:

  1. Standard Feature Plan $59.00 / month

  2. Full Feature Plan $99.00 / month

Highlight the plan you prefer by clicking on the plan graphic on this screenshot.

Step 2: Determine the number of subscriptions required

Each iPad device will require one subscription (for example: 8 iPads = 8 subscriptions)

Step 3: Choose your preferred subscription term;

1. Monthly

Enter your Credit Card information from your subscription page.

2. Annually Prepaid

Discount available:

a) Annual subscription (10% discount) = Standard $637.20 or Full $1069.20
Annual prepaid subscription can choose preferred payment method:

  1. Enter your Credit Card information from your subscription page.

  2. Wire Transfer
    - Can support Purchase Order (PO#) - must provide invoice/billing contact
    - Renewals are exempt from discounts.

If a formal quote or invoice is needed to highlight the pricing breakdown of your preferred subscription type, please provide with the following:

a) Name of company
b) Primary contact email address
c) Subscription type (standard or full)
d) Period length (monthly, annual or 3 year subscription)
e) Master account email address (optional)

SMS Text Arrival Notification Addon

You have the option to add SMS Text Arrival Notifications with $37.00 per month through credit card payment. This one Addon covers ALL the subscriptions under the account (For example: if your account has 8 subscriptions, the addon of $37.00 per month will cover all 8 of them).

Additional Information

Your account's number of subscriptions can be changed at any time and the price will be prorated on the existing billing cycle. Please contact for these requests.

With ZAP IN, you'll have the ability to establish a Master Account and Sub-Accounts associated to that account. Each Master Account can have an unlimited amount of iPads aggregating their visitor activity data to your account's main web-access DASHBOARD. In short, this account can grow to accommodate your needs as they change and evolve.


  • All the pricings given above are in US dollars.

  • All the pricings given above do not include sales tax for clients based in Canada.

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