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Collecting Visitor Information
Collecting Visitor Information

Contact information fields

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The contact information field requires visitors to fill in personal information upon signing in. First and Last Name is a mandatory field while the rest of the fields can be set to Mandatory or Optional status.

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To enable visitor information collection, follow the steps below: 

  1. Login to your ZAP IN account. To login, click here. 

  2. From the left side panel, highlight the Gear icon & then highlight a Building to activate the slider panel. 

  3. Click the tab of the slider panel & select a Visitor Type (for FULL feature subscribers)            

  4. From the Fields menu, select Contact Information. 

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5. Navigate through all the information fields and click on the icons beside the information fields to change their status to either:

          1.) Mandatory - displays on the sign in screen with an * and must be completed                   before signing in.

          2.) Optional - displays on the sign-in screen and can be left blank if desired
          3.) Off - does not display on the sign-in screen

6. To re-name any of the field, change the field label by entering your own text 

7. Click Save to enable your changes. 

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