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Invite Visitors with the Google Calendar Add-on
Invite Visitors with the Google Calendar Add-on
Written by David Booth
Updated over a week ago

You've just installed the ZAP IN for Google Calendar Add-On. What's next?

What does this do?

ZAP IN for Google Calendar allows your organization to invite visitors and speed-up sign in to your premises.

Visitors who haven't been to your building before will receive an email with a preregistration link 24 hours before the scheduled visit. The preregistration link displays an online sign in webpage form - allowing your visitor to enter any information prior to their arrival. Once they arrive - they simply type in their name and voila! Any supplemental pictures or badges are completed at that time of entry.

First-Time Setup

After installing the add-in, open your Calendar and click "New event." You should see the ZAP IN icon in the add-on sidebar.

To authorize ZAP IN to access your calendar, open the add-in. A sidebar will appear with a prompt to authenticate ZAP IN. Follow the instructions to complete the authorization.

In the add-on sidebar, you'll find a "Building" setting that lists the buildings you have access to. Select the building (if you have more then one) you want to invite visitors to.

If you can't find a building you need, ask your ZAP IN Master account Email ID holder for permission to make invites for that building.

Inviting your Visitors

While creating a new event in Google Calendar, click the dropdown menu next to the video conferencing options and select "ZAP IN invite"

This will update event conference to show the ZAP IN invite with the corresponding building you selected earlier.

Thats it! Just fill in the rest of the event details, such as the name and attendees, and save the event to your calendar.

Seeing your Expected Visitors

If you have access to the ZAP IN dashboard, you'll be able to see expected visitors for the building displayed during the appropriate date range of the invite.

Note that the dashboard only tracks external visitors (Expected Visitors), not employees or members of your organization in that same invite.

Removing Invites

To remove a ZAP IN invite from your Google Calendar event, simply remove the ZAP IN Invite and the event will no longer appear on the dashboard for expected visitors.

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