QR Contactless Sign In

Visitors can sign in using their own mobile phone.

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It’s so easy. Simply scan a Q.R. code located on the Welcome Screen and visitors can sign in right from their Apple or Android phone!

No special apps or software is needed.

It’s fast, secure, and easy. Best of all, visitors don’t need to touch your iPad.

It works exactly like signing in on the iPad -- except in this case, you sign in from your mobile phone.

When visitors leave, they will scan the QR code again. This time, ZAP IN will already know the visitor is signing out.

To set up contactless QR codes:

  • Click on the workbench and highlight a building.

  • Go to the “Building menu” and select “Welcome Screen”.

  • Go to ‘Show QR Code’ and click to enable.

  • Under QR Label you can customize the text to be displayed above the QR Code on the Welcome Screen.

  • Click SAVE.

Visitors can now easily sign in by scanning a QR code with their mobile phones, where they will be prompted to fill in their details to safely achieve contactless entry.

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