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(included in FULL feature plan subscription)

Auto Reports is a feature that facilitates the automatic generation of visitor reports. The user can set the frequency of how often the auto reports are created and sent. 

To use the Auto Reports feature, follow the steps below: 

  1. Login to your ZAP IN account. To login, click here. 

  2. From the left side panel, highlight the Gear icon & then highlight a building to activate the slider panel. 

  3. Click the tab of the slider panel & select a Visitor Type

  4. From the Reports menu, select Reports

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5.  Set your Frequency - either daily, weekly, monthly

6.  Select your Report type.

7.  Set any Advanced Queries such as: first name – starts with – A.

8.  Choose how to sort the results of your report.

9.  Select a Format – either PDF or CSV

10.  Add email addresses that should receive copies of the auto reports

11.  Click on Create Auto Report. 

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For further questions, use the Chat icon on the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at

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