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Create your own fields with dropdown selection, checkboxes, radio button responses or text responses

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The Custom Fields feature enables users to create new and unique fields on the
sign-in screen. It can be used to gather any information you require to satisfy policy or regulations. Alternatively, it can be implemented to assist at conferences or trade shows in order to collect leads or information. 

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Creating Custom Fields requires two steps:

1) Adding the new field to your database making it available across all your Buildings and Visitor Types

2) Then activate it in the designated Buildings and Visitor types where it's required.
Sounds complicated...but it's not!

Follow these straight-forward steps:

Login to your ZAP IN account. To login, click here. 

  1. From the left side panel, highlight ALL 

  2. Click on Gear Icon to access Workbench

  3. From Shared settings menu, select Custom field labels

  4. Click on Add and enter the name of your new field, click Save

Now let's activate the new field:

  1. Highlight your Building from the left panel

  2. If you used Visitor Types, select your Visitor Type                  

  3. Go to your workbench, go to your Fields menu, then click on Custom field labels 

  4. Click on Custom field labels panel 

  5. Click Add to include custom fields 

  6. Click Save to enable your changes

  7. Once you've created the custom fields, click on an individual building & navigate back to Fields > Custom Fields

  8. Set your new custom fields as either Optional or Mandatory

  9. Click Save

Your new custom fields will then appear on the sign in screen for all visitors, and will also be included in any report you download.

Please note: custom fields are only available in the latest version of ZAP IN (5.2).
Minimum requirements: iOS 15 or later.

For further questions, use the Chat icon on the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at

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