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How to set up Visitor Agreements
How to set up Visitor Agreements

Great for simple announcements to managing and executing fully binding legal agreements.

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Display a Non-Disclosure Agreement or visitor policy document for guests before they enter the premises. Users can upload existing templates or can create their own unique visitor agreement.  

employee punch in written agreement

In order to set up your Visitor Agreements, follow the steps below:  

  1. Login to your ZAP IN account. To login, click here. 

  2. From the left side panel, click on the Gear icon & then click on a specific Building to activate the slider panel.  

  3. Click the arrow of the slider panel & select a Visitor Type.           

  4. Hover your cursor over Set Up on the workbench and then click on Visitor Agreements.

employee punch in app visitor agreements

5. Click on the icon to enable Visitor Agreement on sign-in. Icon must turn green to be enabled.

6. Select *Click to add an agreement* to open ZAP IN in-built text editor. 

7. Enter the content of your document by copying and pasting an existing document or by typing in the content directly.  

8. Select upload to attach any diagrams with the agreement (Include YouTube video links to supplement your Visitor Agreement

employee sign in app written agreement

Agreement title - Enter the name of your document.

Agreement version - Each time an existing document is modified, in any way, ZAP IN will automatically change the version number of your document.   

Agreement version control- When the version number changes, re-visitors will be obliged to sign the new contract upon logging in. 

The editor toolbar allows you to underline, italicize, bold and much more (highlight a string of text to bring up the editor toolbar) 

Personalize your agreement: You can use autofill visitor information anywhere into the text of the agreement by placing the field names in curly brackets.

For example: "I, {firstname} {lastname}, hereby declare that I am fully responsible for.."

Note that everything inside the curly brackets must be in lower case, {Phone} would not work, instead put {phone} .

9. Click Save.

employee sign in software written agreement

10. Click on the icon to enable Visitor agreement on sign-out.  

11. Select *click to add an agreement* to open ZAP IN’s in-built text editor
12. Click on slide icon to attach copy of agreement to a departure notification email. 

13. Click on Add to include additional email addresses.  

14. Click on Save to create your visitor agreement. 

More questions? Use the Chat icon on the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at

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