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How to enable Badge return
How to enable Badge return

Visitor badges are important in identifying people. Use ZAP IN visitor reception to customize badges for visitors and employees.

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Upon signing out, ZAP IN app will display a pop-up message reminding your visitors to return their badges. This feature is best suited for companies/organizations that issue pre-printed or numbered badges.  

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In order to set different sign-in options, follow these steps below: 

  1. Login to your ZAP IN account. To login, click here.  

  2. From the left side panel, click on the gear icon & then click on a specific Building to activate the slider panel. 

  3. Click the arrow of the slider panel & select a Visitor Type.    

  4. Hover your cursor over Set Up on the workbench and then click on Badge Return. 

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5. Click on the slide icon to enable Badge return. 

6. Click Save to enable reminder.       

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