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Whitelisting ZAP IN IP's and supported printers
Whitelisting ZAP IN IP's and supported printers
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Supported iPads

To unlock the power of ZAP IN, it must be installed on an Apple iPad!

For the best results, use a current iPad model. We follow Apple's guidelines for hardware support:

  • Fully Supported: Devices that are less than 5 years old

    • These devices are able to install the latest iOS versions.

  • Vintage: Devices that are between 5 and 7 years old

    • Most of these devices are limited to iOS version 12. We strive to provide a fully-featured bug-free experience on these iPads, but we cannot guarantee the best performance.

  • Obsolete: Devices that are older than 7 years old

    • These devices are unable to upgrade past iOS version 10. ZAP IN is not guaranteed to work on these iPads.

See the official vintage and obsolete product lists from Apple:
Vintage iPads
Obsolete iPads

IP Addresses

Sometimes, security policies require your workplace to have a firewall that restricts incoming and outcoming communication. For best results using ZAP IN, whitelist the following IP addresses as needed:

ZAP IN Server

For ZAP IN to function, you must enable https and websocket communication to this address.


ZAP IN Email Servers

If you are not receiving emails, you may need to allow incoming traffic from these IPs.




Amazon S3

For ZAP IN to save photos, agreements, and other files to the cloud, you must allow outgoing traffic to these IPs.











  • 2600:1ff0:8000::/39

  • 2600:1f68:8000::/39

  • 2600:1ff8:8000::/40

  • 2600:1ff9:8000::/40

  • 2600:1ffa:8000::/40

  • 2600:1fa0:8000::/39

Badge Printers

We support the QL line of Brother label printers. Look for a model with the "W" suffix, for "Wi-fi":

  • Brother QL-710W

  • Brother QL-720NW

  • Brother QL-810W/810Wc

  • Brother QL-820NWB/QL-820NWBc

  • Brother QL-1110NWB/1110NWBc

Brother has a official list of printers for which communication with iOS devices is supported.

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