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Version 6 (V6) App Improvements
Version 6 (V6) App Improvements

App Changes, efficiencies and improvements included in Version 6 of ZAP IN App

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The dev team has been busy! V6 is loaded with changes, improvements and efficiencies that our users have suggested.

Here is the comprehensive list of all the changes:

  • Agreements and Signatures

    • Helpful graphic appears when agreements need to be scrolled to the bottom

    • Agreement always fills available space on iPad screen

    • Better formatting for pdf agreements

    • Support for new editor on the dashboard - coming soon!

    • Visitor must scroll to the bottom of the agreement before they can proceed

    • Support for optional signatures in agreements

  • Remote Updates

    • Reduced need to update the app from the app store. We can now send some updates to your app directly.

  • Badge Printing

    • Supports THRESHOLD badges and QL-11xxx wide-format badge printers

    • Updating the printer ip address, whether from startup page or settings panel, will now ping the printer and tell you if it was able to connect or not.

    • New "Use Host Name Instead of Title" feature for badge titles

  • Emergency Mode

    • When an emergency is initiated, there is now a roll call icon in the bottom right so that you can see who has been marked safe

  • Welcome Screen

    • QR Code takes up less space and is easier to scan

    • Warning icon appears if app can't reach our server

    • Express buttons create a success popup when you are done with them

  • LDAP

    • The app now gives feedback every time it tries to connect to ldap so that you can be sure the connection was made successfully

    • Search supports multiple search queries (e.g. multiple different OUs)

  • Visitor Sign In

    • New "Auto-Select" option for preauthorized visitors. If only one match is found, automatically select it and move on to the sign-in process

    • More visibility for offline mode: popup for offline sign-ins says "successfully signed in offline"

    • Change to Optional fields - optional fields may be left blank but if information is entered, it must be valid for that field (e.g. a valid email address)

  • App Log In

    • 2 factor authentication: Security questions now implemented on App log in

    • Saves your last password to make signing in again easy after you sign out

  • Crashes

    • App no longer crashes if you launch it without camera permissions

    • Resolved issue with intermittent crashes when visitors sign out

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