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Calendar Invites v1

Invite visitors through your Google or Outlook Calendars

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If you already have the add-on and are looking for instructions to use it, visit:

Expected Visitors

Start inviting your contacts using the ZAP IN calendar add-on. Their invites will automatically appear in ZAP IN as "expected" for their appointment. When it's time for your invitees to sign in, the process is fast and easy!

Step 1: Enable this feature

For multiple buildings: go to your Workbench's "Shared Settings" menu, > Calendar Integration

For single building: go to your workbench's "Building" menu, > Calendar Integration

Step 2: Have your employees invite their contacts to appointments

To create an invitation (we call it an "expected event") for a building, your email or the emails of your fellow employees must fall into one of these categories:

  • The ZAP IN master account holder

  • A subaccount with access to that building

  • On the "Here to See" directory of the building

  • On the "Shared Here to See" directory

  • On the LDAP / Google Workspace / Azure AD (see Organization Code)

Once the add-on has been installed, users will see the list of buildings they can make invites to.

Expected Visitors on the Dashboard

On the dashboard, you can view a table of all expected visitors, which is separate from your existing visitor records. You can search for expected visitors within a specific date range, search by name, and filter expected visitors by specific buildings.

Records displayed on the "Expected Visitors" chart will show invitation of external contacts - and employees also included on the invitation will not be shown for the purposes of signing in.

Step 3: Add Organization Code (optional) - allowing Calendar invites from anyone not listed on step 2.

To enable all members of your organization to use the ZAP IN calendar add-ons, follow these two steps:

  1. Integrate your ZAP IN account with Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure, or LDAP (skip to step 9 if you already have LDAP configured).

  2. Navigate to the Calendar Integration setting in your Dashboard and copy the Organization Code listed under "Employee Access". Share this Organization Code with other members of your directory and have them enter it in their ZAP IN Calendar Add-On. At the same time, we recommend you share a link to the Outlook or Google add-on for your employees to install it, as well as the corresponding help article:


First-time expected visitors will receive a preregistration email 24 hours before their arrival. This allows them to fill out basic information such as their name, email, and contact information, to speed up the sign-in process. However, fields that are set to not repopulate, and other fields like signatures, photo capture, and agreements, will still need to be done upon arrival.

Signing In

ZAP IN moves an expected visitor into an actual visitor upon sign-in, matching the visitor by their name and/or email. If the visitor's sign-in information doesn't match the expected visitor record, ZAP IN can't match them correctly. You can manually remove the expected visitor record in this case.

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