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Managing iPad license(s)

Resetting active licenses - how to correctly log-out

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An active session refers to an iPad device that is logged in and running on a valid subscription license seat.  

Any green icons on the Building Selector Panel represent active license(s). If a house icon is green, expand the view, and see the iPad(s) active within that Building.   However, if icons are white, there are no active licenses currently logged in.

To facilitate quick and easy account log-ins daily, ZAP IN goes to "sleep" each time you close the app. This means that you will not need to enter your login credentials each time you open the app.  
Instead, the iPad stays logged-in to the ZAP IN servers and simply goes dormant when you turn off the app. You can verify this by seeing your iPad's name on the Building Selector panel displayed as green.    

To log-out an iPad:

From iPad:

From the Welcome Screen, tap on the lower right corner Gear icon to get to the Dashboard view. Tap on the upper right corner's blue icon (the box next to done with the circulated pointing arrow). This will log out of your account.

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From Dashboard:

  1. From the Building Selector Panel, highlight the Building to expand the view of any iPad names currently logged in. Find the name of the iPad - click on the green on/off icon.    

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2. Click YES on the pop-up confirmation.

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