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Visitor Types

How to use, create, manage and delete Visitor Types

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(Included in FULL feature plan subscription)

This feature allows the user to create different Visitor Types, each with unique sign-in procedures. 

reception automation visitor types

To add a Visitor Type, follow the steps below: 

  1. Login to your ZAP IN account. To login, click here. 

  2. From the left side Building Selector Panel, highlight the Gear icon & then highlight a Building name to activate the slider panel.

  3. Click on the slider panel Tab >> to display extended panel.  

  4. Click on Add Visitor Type

  5. Input the visitor status type (e.g. Student or Contractor) in the Visitor Type Label box. The first visitor type: Visitor/Guest is set as a default. It can be re-named however it cannot be deleted. All other visitor types you create can be deleted if no longer required.

sign in software visitor types

  5. Select an Icon & Icon Colour for that visitor type.

  6. Slide icon to activate Pre-Authorized Mode (Optional Step) 

PLEASE NOTE: When pre-authorized mode is enabled, the first & last name of the user signing in, must match  the names listed on the “Here to See Directory”. 

  7. Click Save to enable your changes to the visitor type.


  • To upload your own, click on Icon. 

  • Click browse

  • Select your own icon from your computer. 

  • Resize your icons to meet the thumbnail requirements shown below. 

check in app thumbnail requirements

More questions? Use the Chat icon on the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at

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