Buildings represent data pools. Each visitor that signs in, will sign into a building. The visitor information will be stored & collected in the individual building.

Open your browser, and go to ZAP IN’s dashboard login. From the left side panel, click on “Add New Building” 

Create a unique building name, e.g. Houston Office > Choose to Copy configuration from any other existing building > Click Save to add the new building. 

How to re-name your buildings 

Login to your ZAP IN Account > From the left side panel, click on the gear icon & then select a building. Hover your cursor over building on the workbench and click on building name/tablet group. 

Enter your new building name > Click on active to delete your building> Select an appropriate time zone > Click Save to make your changes.

How to log out from the active iPad?

An active session refers to a device that is logged in and running on a valid subscription.  All devices logged in, show a GREEN icon on your Building Selector Panel. Click the green icons to disconnect devices. 

Login to your ZAP IN account to access the dashboard > From the left side panel, click the GREEN icon to disconnect any devices.

After clicking the GREEN icon, click yes on the pop-up. 

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